HypOnFjordFish is a multidisciplinary research program that uses West Norwegian fjords as natural infrastructure to generate new knowledge on the effects of hypoxia on mesopelagic and demersal fish communities. Such information is needed to sustainably manage marine resources, and to select optimal coastal and fjord sites for fish farming. Fish farming represents one of Norway’s largest, and most successful industries.  Read More


HypOnFjordFish will employ innovative and multidisciplinary research techniques. On this website we will share our progress and findings with the broader scientific community and public audience. HypOnFjordFish is led by researchers at the University of Bergen, and involves an international team of collaborators.

The Work

In addition to the use of acoustics and multiple net-based sampling methods, we will use advanced technology to examine if trace-element deposition in ear stones from a long-lived deep-water fish provide information about previous periods of low oxygen levels in the fjords. (See more about the work programs)

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